Dr Mark bailey

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The most recent publications of Dr Mark F. Bailey are:

“Exploring the development of Relationship Marketing in the National Health Service: An empirical analysis of supplier-purchaser relationships in a quasi-market environment” (with M. Higgins and K. Gray), Journal of Management & Marketing in Healthcare, 2011, Vol. 4 No. 3, pp. 196 - 204 - Postprint available here

“What enhances mathematical ability? A cross-country analysis based on test scores of 15-year-olds" (with V. K. Borooah)

Published in Applied Economics, 2010, Volume 42 No. 29, pp. 3723 - 3733.

"Decomposing the characteristics of undergraduate student attrition" (with V. K. Borooah)

Published in Applied Economics Letters, 2009, Volume 16 No. 9, pp. 933 – 937

 “Non-Price Competition in NHS Secondary Care Contracting: Empirical Results” (with K. Gray)

Published in Journal of Health Organization and Management, 2008, Volume 22 No. 5, pp. 480 - 495.

“An economic analysis for the elasticity of demand for energy in Northern Ireland” with M. Smyth, February 2008 - research conducted for the Northern Ireland Authority for Utility Regulation  and published by them.

“The housing crisis: facts behind the myths”

Published in Fortnight, February 2007.

"Falling Through the Cracks: An Econometric Analysis of Attrition In The First Year of Higher Education at the University of Ulster" (with V. K. Borooah)

Published in the Labour Market Bulletin 20, Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland, December 2006.

 “The 1844 Railway Act: a violation of laissez-faire political economy?"

Published in History of Economic Ideas, Volume 12 No. 3, 2004, pp. 7-24

"Skill Development in Industrial Economics".

Published in the Economics LTSN Good Practice Showcase series, February 2004.

"The labour market participation of Northern Ireland University Students"

Published in Applied Economics, Volume 35 No. 11, 2003, pp. 1345-1350

“Efficiency Differences between Thai Public and Private Financial Firms.” (with S. Tanna, D. Ghosh & W. Sukrattanawong)

Published in Global Business & Economics Review - Anthology 2000, 2001, pp. 232-246