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Review: A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson (2017)

A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson (2017)

A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson (2017)
A Talent for Murder by Andrew Wilson (2017)

Simon & Schuster UK, Hardcover, 416 pages

Published: 6th April 2017 (e-book), 18th May 2017 (UK – cased)

ISBN-13: 978-1471148217 (cased)


Agatha Christie is in London to visit her literary agent being preoccupied and flustered in the knowledge that her husband Archie is having an affair. She is about to board a train when she feels a light touch on her back which causes her to lose her balance – she then feels someone pulling her to safety from the rush of the incoming train.

What should have been her lucky escape is nothing of the sort as a a terrifying sequence of events begins as her rescuer is not a guardian angel but a blackmailer determined to exploit her talent for murder to kill on his behalf.


This is very readable if you are fan of Agatha Christie as the characters refers back to our own work and it is a very good plot which does engage you. However, I have some issues with this book as I didn’t really agree with the characterisation of Agatha Christie for most of the time as I found it hard to believe that, no matter what the circumstances, she would consider committing the murder. This could be argued as artistic license perhaps on the part of the author.


What is undoubtedly true is that this book is very well researched – the non-fiction “Agatha Christie and the Eleven Missing Days” by Jared Cade is perhaps an interesting after-read to learn more about the disappearance of Agatha Christie in 1926.


It will be interesting to see what direction Mr Wilson takes Agatha Christie in for the next book “A Different Kind of Evil”.


I received a free copy of this book from the publishers on NetGalley.

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