TV Heads up – Y Llyfrgell / The Library Suicides is on S4C on Sunday 30th April 2017 at 21:00

A TV Heads up

My 2016 discovery at Eurocrime, Y Llyfrgell / The Library Suicides is on S4C on Sunday 30th April 2017 at 21:00.

The Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell
The Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell

When famous author Elena Wdig commits suicide, her twin daughters, librarians Nan and Ana, are lost without her. Elena’s final words suggest that her biographer, Eben, murdered her. One night, the twins set off to avenge their mother’s death at the National Library of Wales, but are disrupted by night porter Dan, who is unwillingly caught up in the saga. Directed by award-winning director Euros Lyn, and based on Fflur Dafydd’s best-selling novel, this offbeat thriller explores the secrets and lies at the heart of storytelling, and asks who has the right to tell the story. Starring Catrin Stewart and Dyfan Dwyfor

Mark Bailey Reviews Sally Spencer

Review: Sally Spencer – The Hidden (2017)

Sally Spencer – The Hidden (2017)

Sally Spencer – The Hidden (2017)
Sally Spencer – The Hidden (2017)

Severn House, Hardcover, 192 pages

Published: 31st March 2017 (UK)

ISBN-13: 978-0-7278-8707-8 (cased), 978-1-84751-812-5 (trade paper), 978-1-78010-876-6 (e-book)


Death in Disguise is the 12th in the DCI Monika Paniatowski Police Procedural series by Sally Spencer.

The prologue has the daughters of PC Michael Knightly finding the body of a woman in the grounds of a local country house – he recognises her as DCI Monika Paniatowski.

Her team believe that the girl found dead in the woods is the victim of a ritual killing by a secret society in the heart of Whitebridge. But without Paniatowski to back them up they are forced to treat it as a domestic by the ambitious DCI ‘Rhino’ Dixon. Therefore Meadows, Crane and Beresford operate by themselves – cutting corners, ignoring procedure, and running the risk that their careers could be brought to an abrupt and dramatic end.

Monika knows who the killer is and also knows that he is stalking her daughter Louisa but there is nothing she can do about it as she is one of the killer’s victims too and is lying in a coma – hearing everything, but unable to move or speak!


This is a good solid police procedural which is well researched and plotted and you are kept engaged as the plot twists and turns. The absence of Paniatowski is an issue but the other characters make up for it especially DS Kate Meadows and Louisa Paniatowski.

Again, I would recommend it to fans of police procedurals in general but especially those set in Britain.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers on NetGalley.