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Review: Luca Veste – Then She Was Gone

Luca Veste – Then She Was Gone

Luca Veste – Then She Was Gone
Luca Veste – Then She Was Gone

Paperback: 448 pages (December 2016)

Kindle: 3043Kb (July 2016)

Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK

ISBN: 978-1471141393 (PB)

This is the 5th novel by Luca Veste featuring DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi.

Murphy and Rossi are investigating the disappearance of a politician who was on course to be elected as one of the youngest MPs in Westminster.

A year earlier, Tim Johnson has taken his baby daughter out for a walk – she never made it home. Johnson claims he was assaulted and the girl was snatched. The police see a different crime, with Johnson their only suspect.

Detectives Murphy and Rossi are tasked with discovering what has happened to the popular politician – and in doing so, they unearth a trail that stretches into the past linking both cases. There is a past crime that someone is hell-bent on avenging.


This is a tight well written novel with strong well drawn characters which grabs your attention and keeps you turning the page (or clicking the Kindle).

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