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Review: The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill (2016)

Mark Hill – The Two O’Clock Boy  (2016)


Published: 22nd September 2016 (UK – Kindle), 20th April 2017 (UK – Paperback)

ISBN13: 978-0751563238 (Paperback)

The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill
The Two O’Clock Boy by Mark Hill


The action in The Two O’Clock Boy cuts between 1984 and today. Kenny Overton is working the night shift in a supermarket –a petty criminal trying to make up for a life of mistakes which began in an awful children’s home many years ago. Someone doesn’t want him to make up for his mistakes – they want to make  Kenny pay for his past now.

DI Ray Drake and newly promoted DS Flick Crowley are called out to the scene of a vicious multiple murder. With 3 members of one family slain and the fourth escaping only by virtue of having left his phone at home they sense that this is not going to be a straightforward case. The questions they need to solve is why would someone want to kill them all in such a personal and heinous way and who has such hate

Drake knows that this is a message about the secrets that link back to the Longacre Children’s home. Drake fears for his family’s safety and with needs to find a way to prevent Crowley from following her instincts and investigating the children’s home. The killer – the ‘Two O’Clock Boy’ – begins to taunt Drake and wants their secrets exposed so the question Drake has to ask himself is how far is he willing go to stop the murders, protect his daughter and cover up the truth.


I am in two minds about this book as it is a gripping read but suffers from a number of flaws.

It does take some time to get into in the first half and suffers from plot twists that did stretch the credibility of this reader in the second half.  Also Drake, who the press release suggests will be the lead character in the series, is pretty unlikeable and hard to feel any sympathy for – Flick Crowley, I found, to be a fair more like-able character.

I received a free copy of this book from the publishers on NetGalley.

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