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Review: Luca Veste – The Dying Place

Luca Veste – The Dying Place

Paperback: 408 pages (December 2014); Kindle: 1528Kb (October 2014)

Publisher: Avon

ISBN: 978-0007525584 (PB) , 978-1-61695-401-7 (E-book)


Cover of Luca Veste - The Dying Place
Cover of Luca Veste – The Dying Place

This is the 2nd novel by Luca Veste featuring DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi.

DI David Murphy and DS Laura Rossi make a grisly discovery in front of a church in Liverpool of the body of a teenage boy – his torso covered with the unmistakable marks of torture.

They discover that the 17 year old boy had been reported missing by his mother 6 months ago but no one has been looking for him – he was a known troublemaker but did no one care if he was alive or dead?

The police soon realise that Dean Hughes is not the only boy who has gone missing in similar circumstances and that someone in Liverpool is abducting troubled teens with terrifying plans for them. Someone who thinks they are above the law.


The criminology background of the author is apparent as the story highlights the impact of violent crime on the families of victims and how society, the police and the media have an implicit (and sometimes explicit) hierarchy of victims.

But this is not a mere diatribe or polemic as the story is told well through multiple points of view which flow naturally and despite having the same lead characters is a different type of novel to DEAD GONE.

This is not at all cozy and is quite dark at points but it will make you think and make you keep turning the page.


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